Biofertilizer/Biopesticide Fermenters

Biofertilizer/Biopesticide Fermenters

Total Capacities: 1000L to 20000 Liters and above.

Total Capacity

1.0 Liters

Working Volume

250ml to 1.0 Liters


Whole Glass/ double jacketed vessel Table Top, Autoclavable type with SS316L Flange.


Micro controller/ PLC/TFT based Auto Temperature/RPM/pH/DO2/Antifoam/ Air Flow etc with password protection.


5.7” Graphic TFT Display for microprocessor based systems and 7”/10” HMI Display for PLC based systems.

Top Flange/Head Plate

SS 316L with 25 mm ports for pH/DO2 and temp/heater/Sample Ports of 19mm, feed/ inoculation ports etc.


SS 316L heat exchanger fitted on the top of the flange with 0.22 micron PTFE filter for out gas and air filtration. Water inlet and outlet for circulation of cold water to maintain the reaction volume.


Through Glass Metered needle valve Rotameter with ring type air Sparger with inbuilt/ External air pump/ compressor.

Inlet/Exhaust Filters

0.22 micron hydrophobic PTFE filters from 50 mm dia to 2" capsule filters.


Top driven direct/ magnetic c coupled motor having 20 to 2800 RPM for Microbial Fermentation mode and 20 to 500 RPM for Cell culture Applications.


Removable type Ruston turbine impeller with Six/ Four SS316L blades for Microbial applications Marine type impellers for Cell Culture Applications and other on demand basis.


Removable Type Two/ Four number SS316L Baffles provided in Microbial Culture vessels.


Variable speed control through PLC/Microprocessor control and Display on HMI/TFT.

Peristaltic Pumps

One fixed speed peristaltic pump fitted on the control panel for the addition of feed or substrate, two fixed speed peristaltic pumps for Acid/Base dosing or additional pumps on demand basis.


Inbuilt Electric heating element fixed / encapsulated in a SS316L tube on the top of Flange/ heating blanket.

Temperature Control

PID control through microprocessor with TFT display / PLC with HMI having control accuracy of +0.2 Deg. C.


Data Acquisition/SCADA Software with RS 232C Serial communication/USB Interface to PC for trends/ graphs and tabular form DATA ACQUISITION with inbuilt memory for one year data storage.

Power Supply

230V+ 10%,AC,50 Hz.