Direct Ultra Type 1/3

Direct Ultra Type 1/3

Product Details:

  • Type 1 ,Type-III  Water in a Single Integrated System.
  • Ultra Pure(Type-I) & Lab Grade Water(Type-III) in single integrated system.
  • Three Stage pre-filteration setup of 10u/5u/1u/ activated carbon robust enough to protect and enhance the life of the precious cartridges.
  • High recovery upto 70% of water with Polyamide T.F.C. membrane double PassR.O.
  • Most economical Ultra pure grade water cost per liter as compared to other systems available in the market. 


Applications/Uses of  Direct Ultra:-

  • All Reagent Grade Water applications like Media/Buffer preparations
  • Molecular Biology
  • Analytical instruments like UPLC/HPLC/GC/ TOC/ICP/MS/IC/AAS
  • Organic Analysis
  • Electrophoresis
  • PCR
  • Biochemicals etc.



Product Specifications 


Model: Direct Ultra TUVF-5/10/15/20/25


5 .7” TFT /LED/LCD Display

Product Water

Type-I/ Type-III

Type-I Grade Water Specifications:-


18.2 at 25°C







Bacteria (1cfu/100ml)


Endotoxines/ Pyrogens (EU/ml)


RNase (ng/ml)


DNase (pg/μl)


Dispense Rate(Programmable)

> 2 L/min

UF Membrane(NMWL/MWCO)* *


End Point Filter

0.2,/0.1μ (EFA: 250cm/260cm )

Type-III Grade Water Specifications:-



Product Flow Rate (L/hr)




Feed/RO/%Rejection Monitoring


Cell Constant

K= 0.01/0.1/1.0


  • Absorbance at 254 nm/cm optical path (A.U.) : < 0.001 and Dry residue after evaporating on heating at 110°C:NA TOC:*<1-2ppb with Dual UV,**<1ppb with dual UV and UF **Proteases:< 0.10μg/m ***Depends upon feed water conductivity ****Electro-Deionization with self regeneration. Turbidity in NTU of Ultra Pure water <0.02 pH:7/Neutral with online measurement (7.0+0.2) Bacteria: under aseptic condition<1cfu/1000ml i.e. 0.001cfu/ml.

  • Feed Water: Potable Tap Water/RO water/DM/DI Water. Feed Water Pressure:-0.5Kg -1.5Kg (1-6bar),pH: 4 to10 units. Conductivity up to 2000 μ S/cm, TOC: up to 1000ppb. Temp.:<50°C,CO2:<50ppm,Chlorine:250ppm,HCO3:7.5ppm. Fouling Index: up to 50, Conductivity Cell:-Coaxial, Cell Constant K=0.01/0.1/1.0.MOC:SS316L,0.1°C thermostat. For measurement of resistivity.

  • Other specifications for Direct Ultra: Display: 5.7” TFT Graphic/Touch screen for conductivity, temperature with time, recirculation/recovery loop, TDS: Zero. Controller: Microprocessor based graphic TFT display Power Supply: - 230V+ 10%, 50Hz, AC. Power Consumption: 60Watt/Hour, Wt.(Appx.) :25Kgs. Dimensions: 550 mm (H), 420mm (W), 505mm (D) Self-regenerating electro deionization (EDI), ZAP-10/20 USA make.