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SS Industrial Bio-Composter


Plastic Bio-Composter Reactor

Frequently asked questions

How is your Bio composter unique and different than other available systems in the market?

Our Bio composter incorporates a novel patented design which converts the kitchen waste into compost within 10-15 days time as compared to the 35-45 days cycle of currently available systems in the market.

Is your bio composter only for domestic usage?

It can be used in managing domestic kitchen waste as well as Hotels/housing societies/Hospitals and industries kitchen waste as the size can be scaled up accordingly.

What Grade of steel is used in your bio composter and why?

Our bio composter is made of Stainless steel 304 grade which doesn't corrode, has good aesthetics and long life of the unit.

How much quantity of kitchen waste our bio composter can handle in a single go?

Our bio composter can be designed and made from 25 kg to 2000 kg plus waste at a time. Higher capacities made only on demand basis.

How does your bio composter manage larger size pieces of kitchen waste material?

On need basis we give attachment of kitchen waste crusher alongwith bio composter to breakdown the size to smaller pieces for better and fast conversion to compost.