Water Purification Systems

We offer a wide range of Water Purification Systems (WPS). High quality and reasonable prices are assured. Please send us an enquiry for specific requirements.


Lab Grade Type 3 WPS

Ultrapure Type 1 WPS

Analytical Grade Type 2 WPS

Type 1,2,3

Type 1, 2 WPS

Type 1, 3 WPS

Frequently asked questions

Which type or Grade of water your water purification system produce?

Our different water purification system models produce different combination of grades of water. The Model Direct Ultra produces Grade I and III. Dura Q classic produces Grade I and II. Dura Q Premium produces Grade I,II and III. Lab Ultra produces only Grade I and Analytica produces Grade II only. Lab Q I and Lab Q II produces Grade III only.

Do you have any economy model as a substitute to the conventional glass distillation unit?

Yes we have our Lab Pure water purification system model which replaces the distillation unit and give double water output than distillation and also saves the wastage of our valuable national resources like Water and electricity.

Which Water Quality Standards do our water purification systems comply to?

Our Water purification systems comply to the world water quality standards like ASTM and CAP.

What are the Quality certifications which your systems have obtained?

Our products carry ISO/CE/IEC/GMP/NSIC etc. certifications plus third party NABL accredited laboratory test certificate.

Who are and how many current users of your ultra pure water purification system are in the market?

There are more than 1000 plus current satisfied users in all Govt./Semi Govt./ ICAR/ICMR/CSIR/DAE/States and central government testing labs and universities/ colleges/Food and Pharma companies across India and Nepal.

Are these models in ready stock for immediate delivery?

Yes we keep sufficient stock with us to meet the urgent need of buyers under GeM portal and also other private customers.

Can we design the water purification system as per the customized requirement of buyer?

Yes being the manufacturer we can definitely deliver the product as per the requirements.