Pilot Scale Fermenter

Pilot Scale Fermenter

Available in 30 Lt to 500 Lt variants.

Total Capacities


Working Volume



Designed as per ASME standards

to comply with the required pressure

in vessels and in Bioprocess.


SS316L vessel with glass window

and SS304 jacket, In-situ

Sterilizable(SIP & CIP)


Auto temperature/RPM:20-

2800/pH/DO2 with cascade

control/ Antifoam/Air flow/auto

sterilization through Modular

Micro-controller & PID Controls.

Other probes for out-gases etc

available on demand.


Top driven and direct coupled

Motor with single/double

mechanical seal.



0.22 µm PTFE filter Cartridge

with SS316L housing plus

0.45/0.22µm prefilter with

SS housing.

Control Panel:

Multi colored PLC/TFT Touch

Screen/Graphic display Control

panel with HMI for monitoring

and control of pH/Temp/DO2

and Agitation.

D/H Ratio

1:2.5 Automatic control for

Temperature, Sterilization,

Agitation, Aeration pH DO,

Pressure, Antifoam, Acid, Base,

Feed,MFC etc.

Vessel and Jacket

Design Parameters

Max. Working Temp for vessel:

150 deg C and for Jacket: 140deg C

Working Pressure for vessel: 3.0

Bar and for Jacket: 3.75 Bar Design

Temp. for vessel will be 150 dig

and for Jacket 150 deg C Design

Pressure for vessel will be 3.0 Bar

and for jacket 4.0 Bar

Provision of Ports

On the top plate with safety valve,

agitator, gas outlet, light glass,

pressure gauges, additional

ports with a collar, air sparger, air

by pass, 3 nos. of standard ports

for acid, Alkali and feed. At 1/3

height of shell/vessel from

bottom provided with 25 mm

standard ports for pH ,DO ,

temperature probes and a sampling

valve in the bottom dish, Jacket

-provided with ports for steam/water

entry, standard ports, Jacket drain etc.

Agitator Assembly

Shaft, 3/4 nos. of Ruston turbine

impellers, single/double

mechanical seal. Motor & RPM

are customized as per requirement.

Accuracy 1 RPM with VFD/Speed

controller card etc.

Top Plate

Bolted to the shell. Bottom shell

welded to the shell, jacket cover

80% of the total height, All parts

in contact with culture made of

SS 316 L, Jacket and spiral – SS

304 , “O” rings made of EDPM,


Pipe Line Fittings

and Accessories

Inlet/outlet cartridge filters with

SS316L housing and pressure

gauges,. meter for flow

measurement etc



With diaphragm control valves

to control sterilization temperature

, All the valves in the lines

connected to the jacket are

pneumatically operated from

the control panel.

Base frame

Suitable base frame. MOC:

SS304 to house the vessel,

agitator assembly along with

pipe rack etc.